Naillonworks Programming

Naillonworks has been providing secret key cryptosystems to security conscious users since 1992. Robust secret key technology guarantees absolute data security when used with proper key management*. Public key encryption technology cannot guarantee this. We offer only the strongest, fastest and most flexible cryptosystems available for Windows. Currently Naillonworks is developing and distributing UniCipher v1.62. UniCipher is fast, small, flexible and affordable. UniCipher uses the extremely fast C.R.O.E.S. II stream cipher algorithm.


Would you like a customized version of UniCipher for your specific security needs? Let us know what you need in a one-off solution.

*Do not share your key with others. Use combinations of numerals, letters, and special characters. Each character provides 7 bits of encryption strength, so use 19 characters for 128 bit strength. Change passwords often.

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